Hello! Welcome to the Funky Fire Wikia chat page!

Before going in to the chat, the wiki's admins encourage you to read the rules. The staff here wish to make sure all users know what to do and what not to do.


  1. Do not spam, this does not include very long links or messages.
  2. Do not give hate towards others. We want this wiki to be a very positive place.
  3. No excessive swearing. Multiple swears in 1-2 minutes is considered excessive.
  4. Respect all staff members, and do not disobey them.
  5. Be positive, if you are coming here to ruin someone's day then leave.
  6. No threats.
  7. Do not start arguments.
  8. Do not insult others.
  9. Do not be a troll.
  10. No excessive caps.
  11. No sockpuppeting, if you are using a sockpuppet, you will receive an instant IP ban.
  12. Don't imitate anyone, especially staff members.
  13. Do not try to be an imbecile. Ignorance is not good.

If you have read all of these rules, and have any questions, contact a staff member and ask them.

If you are kicked more than 3 times, the next time you disobey these rules it will be a ban instead.

If you disagree with these rules, or feel like another should be made, please contact a staff member and tell them why you would like a change.

If you are ready and have read all of the rules, go ahead and enter the chat.

Have fun!