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• 5/12/2016

Chat Scripts Working Again!

So for those who dont know, I messed up the Chat Scripts big time.  After a long time of no chat scripts, I finally got the scripts to work.  My best guess on what happened was that I had too many scripts :P  I removed the unnecessary scripts, like ChatOptions and ChatDelay, and we were good to go!  I tested the scripts in Test Mode, and it worked fine!  As soon as the script get s approved, out chat should be back to normal, with a few new things!

1) !mods

when you type !mods into the chat, it will notify all chat moderators, with a sound.

2) !kick (MODS ONLY)

when you type !kick <username>, you will kick that person from the chat, so you dont have to click on their name and another button to kick them

3)!ban (MODS ONLY)

I think this is the only one thats not currently working, and I am trying to find a way to fix it.  So when it works, you type !ban <username> for <time, can use units like minutes, days, weeks, etc> because <reason>

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• 5/12/2016

Do you have to misspell "becuase" as well? 

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