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• 4/14/2016

Apply to join 【∯】! (Funky Fire)

the form to apply is here

Read all the rules and find the secret note to put into the application.

Chat rules Reaching 100% warning will reset your warning to 0% and you will be kicked from the chat for 2 hours to 3 days. Every week your warning count is reduced by 10% if your warning count is 40%+, and by 15% if your warning count is lower than 40%. Getting kicked out of chat 3-5 times, depending on the intensity of your chat kick, will bring you to a kick out of Team【∯】.

1. No flooding chat.  

---> 10% warning 

2. No racism/harassment or anything else that could offend other members.

---> 30-60% warning, depending on harshness

3. Don't advertise other teams without permission.

---> 10% warning

4. Respect others users. If a fight breaks out, just contact a staff and let the staff deal with the situation.

---> 10-30% warninig, depending on harshness

5. No screamer or scam links.

---> 40% warning

6. Unless given permission by at least two administrators or bureaucrats, "what happens in 【∯】 stays in 【∯】." Do not share anything that is going on in the chat unless you are given permission. oh btw the secret note is "zwerhls;`63wlk"You may record the chat, but no releasing it unless two or more administrators or bureaucrats have given you permission. Currently, II Bowserso327 II, Creepetheman1234, Nusdan, User:SwagMaster GD and Shuddervolt are the only users that have bureaucrat/administrator rights.

---> 50% warning

7. No links to inappropriate content.

---> 40% warning

8. If you join this clan, you may join different clans.

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• 4/11/2016
I was demoted :/
• 4/12/2016

FF is for the funky fire community.  You dont have to be staff to be in.   If you get in, you can put a 【∯】tag in front of your name.

• 4/18/2016


i was demoted 2

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