About the Staff Applications

This is a new category for all people wishing to become staff.  Make sure you follow these rules:

1)  Make sure it has good grammar.

If the staff cannot understand it, the application will most likely be denied.  Remember, the language of this wikia is US English, not British English.

2) Do not show hostile behavior to other people. 

IF you show any form of hostile behavior to other fellow editors, your application will become denied.

3)  You will start out as a Chat Moderator or Moderator.

Unless exceptions are given, you will not be promoted to sysop or bureaucrat immediately.  You are still in the testing phase, so we will refrain from giving you admin and bureaucrat powers until you prove yourself.

4) Stay active.

If you become inactive for some time, without any given notice, the staff reserve all rights to demote you.

Good luck on your application!  Make sure it is detailed and comprehensive, and you might get accepted!